Back to School Books

I can’t believe I’m writing this, considering it is only the second full week of August, but it’s Back to School time! Some of you even started classes last week. Ugh. Starting a new school year, even if you like school, is hard. So in honor of your return to the land of learning, here are some books featuring characters heading back to school, for better or for worse. (But mostly worse.) Stop by the Library to check one out. STAY GOLD – Lizzy

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson – You can only imagine what the first day of high school is like for Melinda, who called the cops on a huge high school party over the summer. Now her best friends won’t speak to her, her parents won’t listen to her, and she’s been “befriended” by a new girl who won’t stop talking. Would anyone even notice if she never spoke again?  Heartbreaking and wise and unforgettable. The movie adaptation with Kristen Stewart is also excellent. For ages 13 & up.

Tangerine by Edward Bloor – After part of Paul’s school disappears into a sinkhole (!), he chooses to attend Tangerine Middle School, which is in one of the poorer areas of town, in order to continue playing soccer. Paul, who is partially blind, slowly befriends his new teammates, but is drawn into the rivalries of his older brother, Erik, who may not be who Paul thinks he is. This one is strange and dark but an all-around good read. It’s in both the YA and Juvenile collections. For ages 11 & up.

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar  – “Keep away from seniors. Keep away from juniors. It’s probably a good idea to avoid sophomores, too.” This is one of Scott’s notes of advice to his new baby sibling, who he is trying to educate about the ways of the world. Unfortunately, Scott isn’t having the best time starting high school, with all the bullies, tough classes, and girls who are hot all of a sudden. Amusing and accurate. For ages 12 & up. Continue reading